Error resolving artifact when starting Nexus OSS 3.38.1 on Linux

When starting nexus, I was getting errors resolving artifacts in the nexus.log file.
I was able to solve the issue by reinstalling, however I’m concerned this may happen again and cause an outage in our build environment.
The nexus log is littered with the errors:

Error resolving artifact [Could not find artifact in central (]

I would upload the logs, but can’t since I am a new user.

Likely this is some sort of file permission issue.

The only change that happened to the system was that I did an system update (e.g. yum update), and restarted. SELinux is set to permissive, I wouldn’t expect it to be causing problems.
Which directory should I check permissions on in my nexus install to confirm?

I’m afraid I’m not really familiar with where yum installs Nexus to.