Error to start nexus repository manager

Hi all

when i restart my nexus services , i have this message : “returned a result set with more than 10000 records .check if you really need all these records , or reduce the resultset buy using a limit to improve both performance and used ram .”

can some one have the same probleme .

Thankyou to response

Hi @azoumed,

This warning normally comes from the search reindex task and in that context can be safely ignored. Could you paste the stack trace so that I can double check that is the case?



Than you for your response

i started the service this moring , this picture resume what i mean

Hmm looks like my previous thought was wrong. That is cleaning up the NXRM access logs, I’m not sure why they’ve built up so much but did it eventually finish? If it did finish and you no longer see these messages then it should be safe to ignore.

from your version it’s just i warning don’t be care about it ? because i started the service from 09h oclock this moring