ETA on Nexus Repository Manager 3.21?

I read on the nexus-repository-helm github page that Helm Chart repos will officially be part of Nexus Repository Manager starting in 3.21 and I’m very excited to try it out, so I’m wondering what is the ETA for 3.21? I had read somewhere that it was supposed to be the first week of Feb 2020 but that has come and gone so I’m wondering if that was wrong info or if it’s been delayed and if it’s been delayed, could I get an estimate (because if it’s going to be a while, then I can just look into installing the helm chart repo plugin manually)


Welcome to the Community, Amy!

I, too, am excited for helm support! We are currently expecting to be ready to release it first part of next week. Always subject to change based on anything uncovered during testing, but right now it is looking to be on schedule. Hope that helps!

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Perfect! Thanks so much!