Extending the logical volume hosting /opt/sonatype-work

Hi Everyone.

We’re using OSS 3.13.0-01 in our development environment and now the Devs are going a bit mad and looking to put all our artifiacts as well as using it as a maven proxy, so the 90GB logical volume we gave it is going to run out pretty soon.

I’m looking at adding a new drive to the volume group and extending the /opt logical volume which is currently hosting the /opt/nexus folder as well as the /opt/sonatype-work folder

Has anyone done this before? Any pitfalls to be aware of? I am thinking it would be best to stop the app, resize the volume and start it up again?


The approach you’ve outlined seems fine to me.

Another option though would be to upgrade Nexus, then you could make use of group blob stores. This can be used to extend your current blob store onto a new disk: