Feature to extract pull history of packages from repository

I think Nexus needs a feature to extract the pull history of packages from the UI. It would be a useful feature as sometimes, we would need to know when a package is being pulled, who pulled it and how many times during a certain period of time for statistics or investigation purposes.

Currently, it can only be extracted by logging into the system where Nexus is installed, going into the log directory and typing the command/specific package where everything is done via commands. Viewing the log file is also an issue since the console window cannot display all the information.

Or another suggestion would be to have an API to pull these info.

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Thank you for sharing this with us. Indeed, we agree that being able to track what your users do with content in your NXRM is important, and that’s why we log everything in relevant logs (request log and audit log). However, analyzing those logs and computing statistics or other insights is a non-trivial feature that is worth a separate product. For the use case you described, I would suggest using a log monitoring software like ELK Stack, Splunk or similar. They provide visually appealing web interface, so you won’t be tied to limitations of displaying data in your console.

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Thank you. We do use Splunk for our data analysis. I guess the challenge here would be to forward the logs to the Splunk indexer. How would you recommend to send the logs to Splunk (ex. via forwarding agent, API, etc.)?

Yes, I think using a Splunk forwarder is the way to go.

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