Features of the nexus oss version without buying a license

  1. Can we have multiple users in nexus sonatype oss without the need to purchase a license and use the same features and basic features. If we do not need the features of the Pro version, it is possible to create multiple users in the oss version without the need to purchase a license. Admin role and other roles and their simultaneous connection to nexus repositpry?
    2.What is the minimum number of licenses that can be purchased?
    3.According to the purchased license, how many users can connect to the nexus repository at the same time?
    4.How to correctly count license allocation to users in nexus?
    5.Do we need to buy a license for the number of users who connect to nexus anonymously?
    6.If the nexus repositories are protected and we want the servers to perform authentication first to connect to the nexus repository and receive content, can they connect to the protected nexus repositories by choosing a server with a username?

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  1. Yes. Repository OSS is fine for small deployments, you can create multiple accounts.

  2. 35

  3. We don’t restrict the number of simultaneous connections based on your license. If you’re licensed for 35 or 100 users, all of them can connect simultaneously, or have multiple sessions each.

  4. We license Nexus Repository based on the number of users who benefit from it, whether or not they connect to Repository directly or not, and whether or not they

  5. Yes, every user who benefits from Nexus Repository Pro must be licensed.

  6. Repo Pro can control access to content with role-based access controls, but what do you mean by “choosing a server”?

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