Files content/tmp blob consuming more space on the mount

Hi Team,

I have 2 queries as mentioned below:

  1. The space under the nexus mountpoint is growing a lot. Is there any safest way to delete the files under blobs/content/tmp. We are running Nexus version OSS 3.30.1-01. It does not have the task “blobstore-delete-temp-files” to remove the files safely. Can we create a custom script task to delete these temp files. If so, where can we find such script.
  2. What are the best practices and safest method to upgrade the Nexus repo software on a production environment, so that we can upgrade and consume that task to delete.

Please advise.


Suresh Raju

You can safely delete the contents of that directory when Nexus Repo is not running. That will ensure no file is still in use when you delete them.