Frequent OutOfMemory and crash after upgrade

We recently upgraded to OSS 3.24.0-02 from 3.20.1-01. Since the upgrade, we’re experiencing frequent crashes related to OutOfMemory. Before upgrading, we were running with 2.5g heap and 2g MaxDirectMemorySize with 8g of physical memory. We’ve since jumped to 4g heap, 17540m MaxDirectMemorySize with 32g of physical memory to try and avoid crashes. We do have verbose GC logging enabled and I did get a heap dump.

Here’s what our GC looks like:

From the heap dump, I can see that 94% of our heap is in com.orientechnologies.orient.core.Orient.instance.

I’m working on gathering logs and diagnostic data to attach here. Is there anything specific I can provide to help troubleshoot this?

There is one issue that I know of that may be the cause:

This is fixed in the upcoming 3.25.0 release, which will be out soon.