GCP compatibility

We need to migrate to Google cloud plateform.
For now, we are using nexus repository manager 2.
Is this compatible with GCP buckets ? Should we use a localStorage ?

Thank you !

Hi Daniel,
You can certainly deploy Nexus Repository Manager 2 on a GCP Compute instance appropriately sized for your use case. It would not use GCP Storage buckets or any other GCP services, just the standard disk features available to GCP Compute instances

If you are willing to migrate to the latest version, you also can similarly run Nexus Repository Manager 3 on GCP compute instance; again also just using standard GCP compute instance disk features.

If you are adventurous, there is a community plugin available that works with Nexus Repository Manager 3 and allows you to store your asset blobs in GCP Storage buckets. It is a community plugin and not officially suppported by Sonatype at this time.

Can you provide more detail about your current deployment and how it is currently deployed?