Generate SHA256 when uploading files using maven

We are currently using Nexus Repository Manager OSS 3.22.1-02.

We have several maven2-repositories to which we uploading files using the Nexus-web-frontend and maven.
When i deploy a file using maven (mvn deploy:deploy-file …), there is only a MD5 and SHA1 checksum available, but not a SHA256 (which is needed for our further processing).
When i upload the file using the Nexus-web-frontend, the SHA256 is created properly.
Is there a way to generate the SHA256 using maven deploy?

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Looks like this will be functionality that will be included in Apache Maven Artifact Resolver 1.6.1 via MRESOLVER-56. All isssues that are scheduled for this release of Resolver are complete, so let’s hope that it will make it into the upcoming Maven 3.7.0 release (and from there into Maven Deploy Plugin).