Get a list of all the packages in my repository exceeding the limit of 250 versions

Hello everyone,

Do you know how I can get a complete list of my packages, or at least just the names of them.

I’m currently using npm registry API, but there are issues with pagination as it skips packages randomly and there are issues with the 250 version limit.

(Here when pagination indicating the from parameter there are packages that are randomly omitted, I don’t know if it is a Nexus or NPM problem)


This sounds like a potential bug, if you wouldn’t mind reporting it: Issues · sonatype/nexus-public · GitHub

Hello Matthew, okay, I’ll report it where you tell me.
Anyway, if you know any other way to get this complete list I would like to know. I’m leaving the thread in case anyone else has knowledge of it.


Is there any more news about this?