Getting Could not find artifact after yesterday release

Failed to collect dependencies at com.jayway.jsonpath:json-path:jar:2.4.0: Failed to read artifact descriptor for com.jayway.jsonpath:json-path:jar:2.4.0: Could not find artifact org.eclipse.sensinact.gateway.nthbnd:parent:pom:1.5-SNAPSHOT in cloudera (Repository - Sonatype Nexus Repository)

Getting this randomly when trying to build a project that has had no changes done to it. It is being built via docker. I noticed a similar issue from someone from 9 hours ago, possibly related: [BUG] CDH build failed due to missing dependencies · Issue #9416 · NVIDIA/spark-rapids · GitHub

Seems like updating to json-path 2.8.0 works but does that mean org.eclipse.sensinact.gateway.nthbnd:parent:pom:1.5-SNAPSHOT is no longer available?

Hi this isn’t a support forum for individual Nexus instances. You’ll need to contact the administrators whomever they may be.