Getting rid of PORT number in nexus address

In all tutorials, nexus is accessed via port number(8081) which is ugly. It also makes it look like a test system rather than a production. Is there any way to get rid of PORT number?

I can use docker port mapping to map 8081 to 80, that’s fine, but is there any reason for sonatype to choose 8081 instead of 80?

Is mapping port to 80 enough?

What is the best practice here?

This is just HTTP protocol. If you use port 80 for HTTP the port can be left off the URL, port 443 for HTTPS.

Note that if you’re running on Linux those ports are restricted, so you’ll likely want to front Nexus Repo with a reverse proxy so you don’t have to run it as root.

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What about extra ports used for docker registry?

In the tutorials, internal docker registries are assigned a different port number(in this case 18444 for internal and 18443 for group). Does a reverse proxy also solve this issue?

Docker registries must always run on web context path “/”, so either a separate port will be needed, or a separate host name. See here for more information: