Got space issue while upgrading from OSS 2.14.16-01 to 3.20.1-01

Hi Team,

while doing upgrade got the space issue.
Is there any issue if I re-execute the steps again after space increase?
if not, Could you help on the steps?

Failed processing of CREATE snapshots:/com/mfs/range/retail-item-service/2.53.0-SNAPSHOT/retail-item-service-2.53.0-20180918.113327-4.pom.sha1. Error occurred while executing a write operation to database ‘component’ due to limited free space on the disk (1382 MB). The database is now working in read-only mode. Please close the database (or stop OrientDB), make room on your hard drive and then reopen the database. The minimal required space is 4096 MB. Required space is now set to 4096MB (you can change it by setting parameter storage.diskCache.diskFreeSpaceLimit) . DB name=“component”

One more query,

which Data Transfer Methods need to use for upgrade, our docker is running in 2 containers with different IPs and port

Can you please guide us?


Upgrade restart is covered here: Upgrade Procedures

Data transfer methods are covered here: Data Transfer Methods
I am not a docker expert but I suspect 2 containers is basically like 2 servers and you’ll need to use HTTP method.
That being said NXRM will error if you try an unsupported method so you can try the faster one if that is a need for you.
It’s really about communication between the machines, so you’re better to know that than any forum user, likely :slight_smile: