Group and rights

I want to create a group within multiple hosted nuget repos.
I have created a roles with access rights for every hosted repo.
department1 have a role with access to hosted repo from department one and the group.
But with the group access he can see the repo from department 2

Is it possble to have one group with seperate security or do I have to create a group for every department.

I wrote an article about this a while ago, I think it will help answer your question. See below.

That article was written for Nexus Repo 2.x, but the principles are the same for Nexus Repo 3. The main difference would be that instead of using repository target privileges for partitioning you would use content selector privileges in Nexus Repo 3.

Thank you. I go read more about it and try.
I on my first step met nexus sonatype so I have a lot to learn