Group Repository blob


Would like to understand the need to assign a blob in group repository.

Say I have the following blob store and repository.

Blob Store: mvn, mvn-group
Repository: maven-proxy, maven-hosted, maven-group

maven-group is setup to contain both maven-proxy and maven-hosted.

Both maven-proxy and hosted blob store are assigned to mvn. And maven-group is assigned to mvn-group.

A gradle Java project point to the maven-group URL. So whenever a project build is triggered, nexus will store a cache (copy) of the artifact (.jar) in mvn blob store which is inside the directory \blobs\mvn. Hence, in this case, when will mvn-group blob store be populated or used?

Since the download will actually proxy through the maven-proxy and store in mvn blob store. So I was thinking what is the use of specifying the group blob store.

Hope I am making myself clear, let me know if I didn’t. Or maybe I understand wrongly how it is supposed to work.


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This is a good question and my colleagues may know more but I do know that some metadata combines to be shared via the group so that is at least one answer to your question.
There may be others.
Hope that helps,

Thanks, jtom.

Hope to get more clarify on this, if anyone knows more.