Handle two different Nexus instances pointing to same blobstore (located on NAS)

Hello everyone,
I have Nexus installed on a Windows server pointing to a blobstore located on NAS.
I have to install Nexus on a new Windows server and then get rid off the old instance.
What I would like to get is the following:

  • Install the new Nexus instance on the server, link it to already existing blobstare, (on NAS) and then maintain this instance as “silent”

  • Keep using the old instance and then turn it off when I’m told to do that

In this way, I would keep two Nexus instances, the old (active) and the new (silent), pointing to same blobstore.
Is this correct? If so, how can I proceed doing that?
If not, are there some standard procedures to follow to reach my goal?

Thanks in advance for your support :slight_smile:

Hi Emiliano,

The blob storage and database of a Nexus Repo instance are tightly coupled. You should never have two instances (with two databases) pointing at the same blob store. See here for how to move the current instance to new machine: