Have nexus 3 answer to http://localhost:8081/nexus and http://localhost:8081/nexus3

We have many established systems and jenkins jobs etc all connecting to our repo via /nexus but have run into a stubborn piece of software that assumes a nexus 3 repo is set up on / or /nexus3. I’ve tried creating a reverse proxy in IIS just for this one piece of software but it seems the switching between the /nexus and /nexus3 urls is impossible in this manner. Do any of you have any ideas of how I can get this to work instead of changing the repo to /nexus3 and re-configuring everything else currently using nexus?

I don’t believe this is possible using Nexus Repository Manager features, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t possible in the way you describe (reverse proxy or redirect of some sort). Unfortunately, I am unaware how. You might try the forums of the reverse proxy softwares if no other replies.

I am using nginx and apache as a reverse proxy to redirect incoming http request to http://nexus_server:8081
For apache example:
ProxyPass /repository/ http://nexus_server:8081/repository/