Helm Push fails

Hello, I just tested the new official support for helm charts.

However while doing a helm push I get the following error

<div class="nexus-body">
  <div class="content-header">
    <span class="title">Error 405</span>
    <span class="description">Method Not Allowed</span>
  <div class="content-body">
    <div class="content-section">
      HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL

If I used the curl command it works, but it seems that curl is doing a PUT while the helm cli is doing a POST. Anyone else experiencing this?

Is Helm cli client supported?

We are currently using Harbor to store our helm charts but would like to give Nexus 3 a go, since it would simplify the number of registries we have to maintain.

Sorry… actually helm push is a plugin. I just found that there is one specific for nexus. :innocent:

Hi ,I had meet the same problem,how do you resolve,can you tell me??thank you!!!