[HELP] Task that can't be removed

Hi everyone! I’m newbie with Sonatype and its software, but I join to my actual company and found an old Nexus instance and I planned to upgrade, but when I tried to set the task for backup the database (I think is OrientDB due there’s no PRO license), it keeps on Running and nothing happens. Backup files are not created in the path I setted on the task.

After some checks, I saw that there’re 3 tasks “Repair - Rebuild repository search” running. Even I know this is not a problem on itself, I’ve tried to stop or even delete them but those tasks shows the advertise “You do not have permission to update tasks or task is readonly”. I have nx-admin role, so I think is not a permission issue.

The question is: how can I delete these tasks? I’ve tried to search them in the filesystem or even using external CLIs to try to delete (or at least stop) them.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

After a few days, I found that these “undeleteable” tasks are internal, launched from the own repo from “Rebuild index” (I got an error and had to click on it, so the new task appear in the list).

But this task were added and with the same result: permanent running, I can’t stop or delete and “nothing” happens.

Any kind of help or guide for what to do? :melting_face: