"Help Us Improve Nexus Repository" dialog is stuck

When I have entered the username and password, a prompt page will appear. But when I click Next, nothing happens. No matter how I operate, I can’t jump to this page. This is very annoying.

So I tried to find the error. I opened the chrome developer background. I found that when I clicked next, there would be a network request error.

{“tid”:3,“action”:“capability_Capability”,“method”:“create”,“result”:{“messages”:null,“errors”:{“typeId”:“Missing capability type”},“success”:false,“data”:[]},“type”:“rpc”}

Can anyone help me. I would be very grateful.

Downgrading to 3.31.x is one option. You could also try removing the nexus-replication-plugin jar from the application, though I don’t know if that will work or not as I haven’t tried it (it’s under system/com/sonatype/nexus/plugins). There is a fix for the problem that should go out in 3.33.0 within the next couple of weeks.

Allen, by chance are you using code compiled from our public source code or a bundle other than the one from the download links in our help docs? It occurs to me this isn’t a scenario we checked during testing, and appears it could also trigger it. We’ll try to include a fix for this in the next release (next week is the expected time).

If this doesn’t sound like your deployment, take a look during startup of Nexus for errors.

You can try adding nexus.onboarding.enabled=false in the nexus.properties file, generally running this way isn’t recommended though as we do not test this way and eventually there may be a prompt you’ve missed.

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Hi Mmartz. Thanks for for your help. I will try the low versions of nexus.

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