HipChat for Nexus plugin

How do I use it?

Note: This plugin is no longer maintained or supported.

This is an experimental plugin for Sonatype Nexus, tested against version 2.8.1-01 and is no longer being updated. Please contact us if you’d like to add to, or take over, this project.


  1. Download the most recent hipchat-for-nexus-x.x-bundle.zip from https://bitbucket.org/tpettersen/hipchat-for-nexus/downloads
  2. Extract hipchat-for-nexus-x.x-bundle.zip into $NEXUS_WORK/plugin-repository/ ( $NEXUS_WORK may be equivalent to sonatype-work/nexus if not otherwise defined).
  3. Create a Notification token from the HipChat API Tokens page.
  4. Look up the API ID s of the HipChat rooms you wish to notify from the Rooms list in HipChat Group Admin.
  5. Create a configuration file at $NEXUS_WORK/conf/hipchat.json with your auth token and mappings between your artifact patterns and rooms. See the Configuration section below for details. 1.



At a minimum, you will need to specify an authToken and at least one mapping between an Ant glob pattern and a room id.For example:

{ “authToken”: “cafebabecafebabecafebabecafeba”, “patterns”: { “*.jar”: [“625183”] } }


You can also customize:

  • color - yellow , green , red , purple , gray or random
  • fromName - the name displayed as the source of the message
  • apiBaseUrl - if you are running HipChat on your own hardware

For example:

{ “authToken”: “cafebabecafebabecafebabecafeba”, “patterns”: { “.jar": [“625183”, “626922”], "**/hipchat/.xml”: [“625183”] }, “color”: “red”, “fromName”: “Nellie Nexus”, “apiBaseUrl”: “https://hipchat.mycompany.com/” }


The patterns are Ant globs, matched against the artifacts path in your nexus repository. An example of a full path is: /com/atlassian/nexus/plugins/hipchat-for-nexus/1.0-SNAPSHOT/hipchat-for-nexus-1.0-20140731.204225-31.jar So to match all Maven-style JAR artifacts with the groupId com.atlassian.nexus.plugins and the artifactId hipchat-for-nexus you might use the pattern: /com/atlassian/nexus/plugins/hipchat-for-nexus/**/hipchat-for-nexus-*.jar Or to match all ZIP artifacts with groupId starting with com.atlassian you might use: /com/atlassian/**/*.zip For convenience, if your pattern doesn’t start with a / one is automatically prepended, as all artifacts paths start with a / .Additionally, if your pattern doesn’t contain a / at all, it is automatically prepended with /**/ so it will match on just the final path segment of the artifact. This is why *.jar in the example configuration above works.

Where do I get this?

Who can I contact about it?
COMPANY: Atlassian

CONTACT: tim@atlassian.com