Hosting Nexus Data Folder on Amazon EFS


We are in the process of migrating Nexus Repository Manager from an Amazon EC2 instance to AWS Fargate. Our blob store is already in Amazon S3. With the new setup, we will host the application in a docker container in Fargate. We intend to host the data folder (that contains Orient DB and Elastic Search etc) in Amazon EFS.

Based on the documentation, I see that Sonatype don’t recommend storing the data folder in EFS.
Here is the documentation link:

System Requirements (

We have been able to run our setup successfully in Fargate. We need to know if it is actually supported or will be supported in future.


As you can see on the page you linked, the AWS EFS storage does not provide enough performance needed for the embedded data directory (configuration files, database, Elasticsearch). Elasticsearch itself recommends against using AWS EFS storage. If you decide to run it on EFS despite our warnings, there’s nothing we can do to help you if you experience any problems.