How Are Others Pushing from TFS to Nexus?

Hi All,

I was wondering how others are pushing packages to Nexus using TFS. We’ve done successful pushes via TFS for nuget packages using simple nuget push steps.

But we have developers using Python and other package types. They have tried using Sonatype Nexus extensions in TFS, but these extensions do not work with Nexus Repo 3.0 right now.

This extension provides build tasks that enable you to integrate with Sonatype Nexus 2.x. (Sonatype Nexus 3.x is not supported currently.)

The only other article we found was: How-can-I-programmatically-upload-files-into-Nexus-3 (can’t include link)

But have others found integration options with TFS?


I’m not familiar with TFS, but there is a rest API for uploading components. Under the admin menu you’ll find an API page that uses swagger to list all the apis available for interacting with NXRM3. (POST to /v1/components) That particular API has quite a few different options because different formats have different ways of uploading components but you should find everything you need there for programmatic upload.