How can I stay signed in?

How can I stay signed into the application?

I do not have that “Remember me” checkbox in the sign in box.

Currently using version OSS 3.24.0-02

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You can adjust the login session timeout as described here:


What exactly do I need to configure here?

I tried changing the Session timeout to 0 or 99999, but nothing works. Neither do I get the “remember me” checkbox on the sign-in dialog, nor does my session survive closing the browser.

A login session won’t survive a browser restart, session cookies are invalidated by web browsers when
the browser is shut down. We removed the “remember me” feature quite a while ago due to security concerns. If you really don’t want a login you could consider enabling anonymous access, and assigning whatever roles you need to the anonymous user. Obviously this should only be done in a highly trusted environment.


I must say I’m a bit puzzled by this decision.

Google, YouTube, Amazon, GitHub, Redmine, TeamCity pretty much all have this feature, just to name a few, so in my mind that could pretty much be called an industry standard.
Citing security concerns while the only “workaround” is elevating the anonymous users rights seems a bit counterproductive…

Anyways, thank you for your response and time.