How can we get history of upload

Hello There,

We are using Nexus 3.45.0-01 and want to get upload history for maven repository from specific date range, is that possible ? if date range is 2 weeks old,

also how can I get upload details of artifact with api for maven ? I am trying below but it doesn’t help to get upload date

curl -X GET http://nexus3-core:8081/nexus3/service/rest/v1/search?repository=maven-central&group=org.osgi

curl -X GET http://nexus3-core:8081/nexus3/service/rest/v1/components?repository=maven-central -H accept: application/json

Please guide,

Hello, have you considered looking for the Request.log files? All requests made to the server will be logged there. The default location is /sonatype-work/nexux3/log. Hope this helps.