How copy the repositories from one nexus server to another nexus server?

Hi Team,

we have a prod nexus server that has huge data around 4TB, and we have one test nexus server, I wanted to copy some of the repositories from the Prod nexus server to the Test nexus server, can you please advise how to do that?

Manju NS

Hi Manju,
You can use Repository Export and Repository Import tasks or Repository Replication feature.


We are using Community edition, is that support export and import options? if yes , can you please tell me how to do that? and also Repository Replication will support for community/free edition , can you please confirm on that ?

All the features I mentioned are available only with the Pro license which is indicated in the documentation I linked. To purchase a license or find out more about the benefits of being a Sonatype customer please see Nexus Repository | Software Component Management.

After purchasing the license, how do I turn the Nexus free edition to a Pro edition? Or, do I have to install Nexus Pro?

Never mind. You would just upload the license to turn free to pro.