How could we access orientDB to visualize Nexus data through Java?


We have created a maven application with the dependencies corresponding to Nexus in version 3.14.0-04 . We have tried to access component database using the DatabasePoolmpl class, but it doesn’t work. We attach the code associated with this fragment and the log .

We can access the data through the console provided by Nexus but we have made an installation of orientDB and through its console we can’t access the databases generated by Nexus. We mention this because we have also tried in our maven project with the dependencies of orientDB, being able to connect to databases of the installation of orientDB, but without success with those of Nexus. We attach the properties file, pom.xml and the class implemented .

Is there any special configuration to make? We have observed the DatabaseManager interface and its implementation using the static class DatabaseManagerSupport , but it gave similar errors.

Thank you very much in advance,