How do we know sona nexus migration 2.x to 3.x is going good even after 10 days with File System Hard Linking

I am migrating my nexus from 2.x ( highest ) to 3.x and using File System Hard Linking ( fastest method ), but still it is running for 10 days and no output… How do we understand it is going good… not seeing any happy entries ( completed this much kind of ) or sad entries ( exception ). Pls need your guidance to complete my process fast… is there any way to confirm it is going good other than 10 days 4 hours since last changes…… need your support to make it fast or alteast confirm that It is doing good. FYI: we are using Windows environment

Please see the help documentation - Upgrade Procedures

Thank you mathew… I am following the same but taking more than 8 days… is it normal and how do we know it is going good and right path?

I dont see any changes on process Changes and it is increasing the days and hours no changes on percentage of completion. It is in running state and 0%… I can continue before it is 100% if I do, can we sync later whatever repos we need later?


Pls let me know is it going good or not? it is going more than 15 days and not able confirm it is going good or not? Need your help.

If you read the text or help document its telling you what to do.

@bhaskar.rajamani, the process intentionally stays connected until you decide to end it. The idea is that Nexus 2 may still be serving requests (including new binaries from CI or your dev teams), and those are synchronized with Nexus 3.

When you’re ready to cut over your CI/dev traffic to Nexus 3, you schedule an outage window and finalize the process in the migration wizard. It will wait forever until you do this, because it never knows if more changes will arrive on the Nexus 2 side that it needs to synchronize.

Thank you for your update… I have not seen any such in the document… or missed that portion in the document… Let me proceed further… cos the migrated repository is showing offline, so I thought it is still going on… Let me continue and find out what next.

Thank you @mprescott and @mpiggott. It is good now…