How migrate data of repositories from one sonatype nexus instance to another sonatype nexus instance?

We need to migrate data of repositories from one nexus to another nexus, eachone with different reposiories and blobs structures.

We hypothesized to copy the contents of blobs on the new blobs. We hope that in theory the single repository that reads those blobs will be able to display all the components present, obviously based on the type of repository. Is this in your opinion the most correct way? Otherwise how we could proceed?

This is how we thought of the process:

  • Nexus A
    o Blobs A
    * Repository A (Maven)
    * Repository B (Docker) Should be deleted or ignored
    * Repository C (npm) Should be deleted or ignored
    * Repository D (Maven)
    * Repository E (Maven)
  • Nexus B
    o Blobs B
    * Repository A (Maven) Should be containing all Maven Data of Nexus A (i.e. all Maven Data contained in Repository A, D and E)

Nexus relies on the database to associate blobs with assets & repositories.

With Pro there are a couple options (import/export, staging, etc.) that can help move content between repositories on the same instance, as well as replication which can move from one instance to another.

Are you hoping to just do a one-time copy or are you looking for an on-going process? Import/export would be a one-time copy, while replication would be for an on-going process.

I have a similar question, but only have the OSS edition.
I need to move all existing repositories from one instance to another, where the target instance is a completely new deployment of Nexus OSS.
I have multiple docker (hosted) registries and pypi (hosted, group, proxy) repositories.

I only want to migrate the repositories/registries, nothing else whatsover.

Without Pro features you’d need to clone the instance along with its storage, then remove & reconfigure the clone to match your preferences.