How should APT Repository Metadata be handled?


I have created an APT hosted repository and have pushed my components to it using the POST API. I can see my components have appeared in the repository, however the APT repository only supports ‘.deb’ and ‘.udeb’ file formats so none of the metadata (Releases, SHA etc) can be pushed into this repository.

This is causing me an issue when I try to pull from the repository. I have added my Nexus APT repo to the apt sources on an ubuntu device and attempted to run the ‘apt-update’ command. When I do this I get the following error:

“The repository ‘[url]’ does not have a Release file”.

Is there any guidance about how the metadata files should be handled in an APT hosted repo?

If anyone comes across this post and is in a similar situation, I needed to use the ’ Apt - Rebuild Apt metadata’ task described on this page Tasks (

This task is hidden unless nexus is configured with a postgres backend as posted here - Missing “Apt - Rebuild Apt metadata” - Sonatype Nexus Repository - Sonatype Community

I changed my backend database to postgres, ran the task and was able to pull from my apt repository.

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