How to access Red Hat JBoss EAP supplied file-system Maven repository

Red Hat supplies a zipped Maven repository for JBoss EAP. In past versions, they had suggested using Nexus to proxy the file-system directory where this was unzipped. In the more current versions they simply say to refer to Nexus documentation in order to set it up. I’ve read through the documentation and I don’t see any way to add a Nexus repository pointing to an existing file-system based Maven repository.

My question then is does anyone know how to do this? Has anyone set up a repository like this with Nexus 3?

Thanks in advance!

One option would be to use a simple script to upload this repository to a hosted repository in Nexus Repo 3:

GitHub - DarthHater/nexus-repository-import-scripts: A few scripts for importing artifacts into Nexus Repository

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Thank you very much! This worked for me.