How to configure Private Google Container Registry with Nexus as Proxy

Hi All,

I have Nexus OSS 3.16 on prem and would like to configure it to proxy a Private Google Container Registry into Nexus. I have a google service account and the key. now how do I configure the authentication bit in nexus to link to gcr ?

tried putting the username as _json_key​ and the password the content of the Google JSON Key File but no banana …

Any advice or ideas ?

Welcome to the Community, Mike!

Upgrading your version of Nexus Repository Manager
Unfortunately, there was a bug in versions of Nexus Repository Manager prior to 3.19 which prevented the feature I am about to mention from working.
So, your first step will be to upgrade your instance of Nexus RM: Upgrading

How to configure
Once you have an updated version of NXRM, the setting you are looking for when configuring your repository is the HTTP Authentication section for that repository’s configuration. This is where you want to set your service account’s username - oauth2accesstoken according to this page - and its token as the password.

When you do a docker login to this Nexus repo, you will use your Nexus username and password, not the GCR authentication.

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Hi thanks for the tips. oauth2accesstoken are short lived tokens if I get a token if will be probably invalid in 15min, no ?