How to configure /var/log/nexus as log directory

I’m trying to configure NXRM3 (3.19.1) like this og Linux:

installdir: /opt/nexus
datadir: /var/lib/nexus/work
tmpdir: /var/lib/nexus/tmp
logdir: /var/log/nexus

by using the following vmoptions:


But the only file that is placed in the logdir is jvm.log …

To me it seems like karaf.log is not used.
I can only find one place where it is used and that is
nexus-3.19.1-01/system/org/apache/karaf/features/standard/4.2.6/ = ${karaf.log}/audit.txt

It seems like all logging is configured using ${}/log/ and not ${karaf.log}/

Is my only option here to change all the configuration files?


The logging is configured in the xml files in the $installdir/etc/logback/ directory, you can change the log locations there.


Thanks Rich

I found these two files outside the etc/logback folder.

/opt/nexus/nexus-3.19.1-01/etc/fabric/elasticsearch.yml: logs: ${}/log

I guess I’ll have to change these as well ?