How to create nexus docker proxy to link jfrog artifactory

I created a docker proxy with “remote storage”=“” it works,
can docker pull image successfully.
but if I change the “remote storage” towards to jfrog artifactory used in our company,
eg. remote storage=“”
when pull the image:
$docker pull

has this error in log:

2019-12-10 07:27:36,824+0000 WARN [qtp691502027-5259] admin - Could not parse error response Unexpected character (’<’ (code 60)): expected a valid value (number, String, array, object, ‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘null’) at [Source: (org.apache.http.conn.EofSensorInputStream); line: 1, column: 2] 2019-12-10 07:27:36,825+0000 WARN [qtp691502027-5259] admin - Is the remote url a valid docker endpoint? Remote host with path /v2/library/tiller/manifests/v2.14.2-2-217b022f did not return the expected response. Error message: unknown

if when I manually pull the image with the dircect path can succeed:
$docker pull

please help to give some comments, any configuration needed?
if nexus docker proxy support to link to artifactory?
it has add path /v2/library/ automaticlly after artifactory path, then not found the path.

solved by update remote storage=“”
then pull with path:
$docker pull