How to create remote api key

I am new to nexus. We are running nexus 3. We are using nuget repos. nuget push is failing because the apikey cannot be found. Which makes sense because I never created it. I’ve searched the docs and can not find any info on how to set this. Can someone list the instructions?

I do have nx-apikey-all permission set for the user. Also NuGet-API-Key realm is active.

Hi! Please review NuGet Repositories

You will see information on the sub category links on deploying packages and access your Nuget API key.


I had read that doc. Unfortunately it does not tell you how to get to the Access API Key button.

I did find the button though by clicking on my username next to the “sign out” icon. It can then be found in the lefthand pane.

Am using nexus OSS 3.22.1 version. I want to access my repository using the access token . is there any possibilities?


I cannot find it either. The documentation assumes knowledge that I dont have. Please add screenshot.