How to create repositories without Internet connection

I am trying to setup a nexus repositoriy manager in an environment without Internet, I can only copy files into that environment.
Do you have any solution for this situation?

Do you mean populate rather than create?

You should not need internet to create repositories.
Proxies will of course error if you have no internet but they also shouldn’t be needed if you have no internet unless you have a more complex setup.

Yes, populate.
Of course we need packages from maven central.
I think I can create a nexus repositoriy manager in an Internet connected environment, and copy data directory into the Internet isolated environment. But I haven’t tried to do that yet.
There’s another problem is how to update packages.

I tried to copy the hole data directory, and it worked, all configurations and packages can be synchronized.
The problem is how to update packages, do I still need to copy the entire directory, or is there an incremental approach?

In NXRM3 there isn’t an incremental approach. will probably fulfill that need once it’s developed.