How to disable requests?

Our uptime monitoring of Nexus is being impacted by requests to failing.

How can we disable the requests that are sent to facebook?


I don’t believe Nexus itself connects to facebook.

Possibly the welcome page has an integration, but the server should not.

This is what we are seeing in the browser log. There is some code returned from the nexus console that is causing the browser to reach out to facebook.
Below is an example request triggered on the Nexus welcome page.

Is there a way to disable this integration?

Looks like this was generated by “Outreach: Management” under “System > Capabilities”. Disabling this fixed the issue with requests being sent to Facebook.

I brought this up internally, facebook and other integrations seem to have been inadvertently applied to the landing page as a result of some configuration unification that happened.

Earlier today we deployed a version which should not include Facebook or other social requests. In your case if you do want to re-enable it I believe you should get the new version the next time the page was viewed. For anyone else who hasn’t had Outreach disabled, Nexus will check for an update at most once a day so generally it be removed with 24-hours.

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