How to disable pagination to list all the artifacts in nexus repo

Dear Team,
I am looking forward for help on thing.
I have requirement to fetch the name of the latest artifacts being upload by curl to a given group.

for that, i am listing out all the artifacts in that group, but not all artifacts are listing our .
It is giving me pagination token.
but i need to get all artifacts in a single hit, if that is possible
or somehow can i disable Pagination Thing, so that it allows to show all artifacts in one API call.

API i am using is search API
GET /service/rest/v1/search

No, there isn’t any way to disable pagination. The pagination is done for performance reasons. You’ll need to write a small script to retreive all the pages.



Thanks Rich, for the quick confirmation.
Could you suggest me any way, how could i retrieve my latest uploaded artifact in that case.
Rather than listing down all artifacts and sorting it in reverse order.
Any idea you have then please let me know

That’s what the sort and dir parameters are for. If you just sort by version descending the most recent version will be at the top (assuming that you’ve restricted your search to a particular component).