How to do replication from an artifactory docker registry to nexus docker proxy?

We have an artifactory docker registry , in order to be easy access by remote office , we setup a nexus docker proxy repository for it .
But I found it can not auto replicate the source – artifactory docker repository . After the first pulling , it always that blob data , would not sync with the source.
Does anyone know how to fix it ? we use nexus oss 3.38.0 (docker container).

any one knows ? how to keep the nexus proxy repo to sync from its source , an artifactory docker repo?

You should be able to use the docker client to pull from Artifactory, tag the image and push to Nexus

Thank you for reply. I am confusing … when I pull a repo on artifactory through my nexus proxy , it could pull down , and proxy could cache it . But when it has newer version on artifactory, I can not pull it through nexus proxy , it would return first pulling version always.
why nexus proxy could not sync with artifactory auto?