How to download the historical version of nexus3. X?

I want to download a version of nexus3. X. the link address I visit is: Download Archives - Repository Manager 3. But every time I go in, it will show blank and can’t be downloaded. Can you tell me how to download it?
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Not sure what you mean by “show blank” but testing a random sampling of the download links work here.

Each time you click the download button, you cannot open the download link address, as shown in the following figure:

Is there any access restriction?

If possible, can you provide the full set of HTTP headers? This will help our operations people track down the problem so it can get fixed.

You can use curl to do this like so:

curl -I -L -s
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Length: 163835797

Someone in our ops team used a third party tool to test and it seems like the Chinese firewall is blocking access to the CDN.

You could try building whichever version you’re interested in using the public repository, that won’t be exactly the same as the archived version as it will not include paid features or some free components that are not open source.

Thank you for your help. Do you have an open source license? In other words, is the license entered here open source or enterprise level?

That’s just for an enterprise license. If you are just using the open source version you can ignore it.