How to merge two Sonatype Nexus Server?

I have Sonatype Nexus OSS server and Nexus PRO server. I want to merge (Consolidate) OSS server into PRO server. Is it possible? If yes, then How?

There isn’t really a direct way to merge the two, but you can install the PRO license on the OSS server and then use the export and import tasks to move repository content from one server to the other. See Repository Export and Repository Import for more information.

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Thanks for reply!! Is it tried and tested way? After export is it retain history, timestamp and hashvalues? Thanks in advance!

Hashes won’t change via export and I believe that the timestamps, uploader, etc are included in the export as metadata that the import understands and maintains.

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Is saving space a consideration? If yes, here is another approach, which only brings over actively used artifacts is the “Daisy Chain”. In your licensed server, create for each format a proxy repository that pulls from the corresponding formatted group repository on the old server.