How to migrate/move nexus server to another server?

Hi Team,

currently, we are using Nexus repository manager 3.37.1-01(OSS) and which is running on old h/w so we got latest new h/w and i wanted to migrate from that old h/w new h/w , can you please tell the stapes to do that

Manju NS

Hi ,

I did the below steps

  1. copy the sonatype-work into the new server

  2. download and install the nexus service same as the old version

  3. update the paths in nexus.vmoptions…/sonatype-work/nexus3

  4. start the service (./nexus start)

but am able to access it from the browser and i can see the log generated in …/sonatype-work/nexus3/log, but i did not see the old data in that new instance, it has only default data, can you please advise