How to migrate Nexus repository from 1.7 to 3.x?

How I migrate Nexus repository from 1.7 to 3.x? Is there way to do it ?

That’s quite a jump, 1.7 is ten years old! You should be able bring yourself up to the latest 2.x here:

…using these instructions:

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to do a 2.x to 3.x migration to the latest version of 3.x, using these instructions:

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According to Upgrading, 1.7 can be upgraded to 2.7. After that you can upgrade to the latest 2.x version, then upgrade to the 3.x version.

Thanks @mprescott , could you please how we can upgrade migrate repository from 1.7 to 2.7

Yeah, thanks. But i have the same question as siddharth joshi and its still don’t answered

We have a rather detailed support article about upgrading older versions. See Nexus Repository Manager Upgrade and Compatibility Notes – Sonatype Support.

Most notably I think is you cannot do it all in one leap. See “To upgrade version 1.x to a version greater than 2.7.2 will involve two separate upgrades. First upgrade to 2.7.2. Then upgrade to the latest version.”

With any upgrade, we recommend a backup of the work directory, in case there are issues you can restore the backup and try again. Notably the $workdir/conf directory if you cannot do a full backup, as it has a lot of the configuration details in older versions.

In case not clear, we also don’t recommend stopping upgrade on 2.7 as it is still quite old and has had many fixes and releases since then.

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I hope that helps,

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So perhaps more clear and on the original topic.

  1. Download NXRM2.7.2
  2. Upgrade to NXRM2.7.2 (use the support article for guidance)
  3. Start NXRM2.7.2. Check and make sure the upgrade is successful.
  4. Download NXRM2.14.20.
  5. Upgrade to NXRM2.14.20 (use the articles for guidance)
  6. Start NXRM2.14.20. Check and make sure the upgrade is successful.
  7. Download NXRM3.29.2.
  8. Start NXRM3.29.2 and use the upgrade capability to move your data to the NXRM3 instance (as noted in the article). This will not make your NXRM2 instance non-functional, so if things go awry, you can still use it. However any new data updated to NXRM2 after syncronization has ended will not be automatically moved to NXRM3.
  9. Adjust 3.29.2 to suit your needs (you may need to shut down NXRM2 and adjust the NXRM3 port to your old port, or you may need to adjust whatever clients/builds you have setup to point to the NXRM3 server - this is dependant on your environments so hard to generally advice here).
  10. Once you’re comfortable if you didn’t in Step 9, you can shut down your NXRM2 server (and when confident, remove it).
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