How to off Nexus Update waring

When I login nexus admin page,
Welcome page shows me "Wanring:This version of Nexus Repository Manager is vulnerable to a critical remote code execution security vulnerability."

I don’t want to see this article.

How to off this waring. Any body help me please.

Upgrading your installation of Nexus Repository Manager is the easiest way to address this.



How can I update the 3.14 version nexus running on docker container to higher versions. I could not find a document related to this subject, it is clear. Can you please help?

Assuming you are using persistent storage (see “Persistent Data” at nexus 3 docker image) then you just need to run the latest version of the docker image and point it to the same persistent storage. If you didn’t setup persistent storage then you’re going to have to get the sonatype-work directory out of the docker machine and then add it to a new one.