How to prevent logon to the repository manager webapp?

I’d like to prevent a user from accessing the repository manager webapp while still allowing them to access the repo via npm etc. I have locked my users down to a role consisting of one privilege:


which allows my users to access the repo via npm, but it still allows them to logon to the repository manager webapp. I am aware that I could block access via vpn etc but my time is limited and I thought I’d explore the approach of blocking access from within nexus first.

Any suggestions appreciated!

This isn’t possible out of the box, there may be addons, plugins, or as you say non-NXRM product solutions out there.
Because, I believe, this was possible in NXRM2, I thought there might be an existing ticket in our issue tracker but didn’t see one.
Hope that helps a little, at least sets expectations,

Thanks, I appreciate the reply.