How to proxy a nexus2 repo maven into nexus 3

I currently try to migrate a nexus2 into a nexus3.
To limite the inconvenience for the users, I want to proxyfy all my nexus2 into thne New nexus3 (like maven central for example)
When I did it I have :


One more question, when it will be OK,
How can I download an Nexus2 artifact forn Nexus3 with curl ?


Proxies don’t preemptively copy content, they only store data that you’ve used.

Ok, thx


into Nexus3 I configure the access at all public repo of Nexus2 like that :
name : VersNexus2Public
format : maven2
Type : proxy
Online : checked

Version policy : Release
Layouit policy : permissive
Content Disposirion : Inline

Remote Storage :
Auto-block : checked

Strict Content Type Validation

Authentification Type : Username
Username : admin
Password : xxxxxxxx

When I browse it, its status is : “Online - Ready to Connect”

After reading on internet, it’s because I don’t download anything. Ok.
But how can I download something of Nexus2 from Nexus3 ?
I need to download with cUrl, but I don’t find how to do it.


The Nexus GUI allows you to copy the base URL of the repository, i.e. http://localhost:8081/repository/maven-central but you’d need to figure out the relative paths of content you have stored in Nexus 2