How to remove old nexusIQ waivers that are for components no longer used?

Is there a way to find and remove security waivers that are for versions of components we no longer use? I often put in a waiver for scoped to {component version 1.2.3}, and we will update to use another version or say, remove that component entirely, but then I can no longer find the waiver to remove it because there aren’t any components in the report that had the waiver attached to it.

How can I find these and remove them? Unless I know the URL of an old report that had that component 1.2.3 in it, and and its still accessable, I can’t find the waiver to remove it. The description here only works for waivers that are currently in use by a component in my build report Waivers Does any one know a work around to find them?

(The use case here is that I will waive a vulnerability but just for a certain amount of time (e.g. until a path comes out). Then, I work with my developers, to see if we can then update or remove that vulnerable component for a complete fix to the vulnerability. However, if they needed to ever revert back to that previously vulnerable version, the waiver would still exist and I, nor my developers, would realize we are still operating with that vulnerability because its still waived. Thus, I want to remove old waivers once we update and no longer need them. )