How to restore npm-host repository's soft-deleted data in Nexus 3.3.1-01?

I’m currently using Nexus 3.3.1-01(it’s old system, I know). does not has backup as I know.

log says:
*SYSTEM - Deleting bucket for repository npm-host

I think Blob’s fine. Blob still has *.bytes files and *.properties files.
*.properties files do show deletedreason : Deleting Bucket, deleted=true

how do I restore these data and use them in repository?

The first thing to do is disable the Compact Blobstore task.

Then I would suggest creating repositories with the exact name and configuration.

Thirdly there should be a task called Reconcile that can be used to restore deleted blobs.

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Thank you for your answer, but 3.3.1 does not have Reconcile tasks.

I had to upgrade nexus3 to recent version.,and it works.