How to update yum metadata in a maven repository on nexus 3 , any help here

Recently we migrated from nexus 2 nexus 3, we have a maven repository with rpms here like in nexus 2. When a new rpm is published we noticed the yum metadata is not getting updated in new nexus.
In Nexus 2 there is capability to generate yum metadata which helped us. Don’t see any such option in Nexus 3. Any help here, ideally we should use yum repository to store rpm’s but for now we kept same as in old nexus.


There’s a task for that. See Tasks

Hi Jeff, have seen that feature. But that option works on a yum hosted repository. In my case its a maven hosted repository with rpms. Any option available for this ?

Sorry I missed that detail. Given that NXRM3 supports Yum in a wholly different way I would expect there to be some migration guide on this somewhere but I can’t find it. All I see is a blog post from 2017 soliciting input on how you use Yum in NXRM2. I would suggest opening a support ticket.

You’ll need to upload those RPMs to a yum repository in Nexus 3.